Wind turbine joint 

Eliminate re-torquing. Reduce costs. Increase production

We recognise the challenges our customers face managing fleets of assets, maintaining comprehensive asset data and generating high quality health and performance insights.

All EchoBolt systems and processes are highly flexible and easily integrated with existing customer asset management systems.

Wind Turbine Bolt Inspection

EchoBolt’s dedicated team of engineers and specialist technicians are on hand to meet asset integrity challenges at any stage of your wind farm lifecycle.

Delivering ultrasonic bolt inspection services to British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing Standards with procedures certified for wind turbine applications. We provide leading inspection services for the wind sector.

Ultrasonic Measurement Training

Offering specialist training packages to support customers with management of bolted connections for wind turbine assets. Customers can follow our dedicated wind turbine bolt inspection syllabus or we can work with you to design bespoke solutions focused around your application specifics.

BoltWatch Cloud Application

From visualising structural changes on an individual turbine to understanding risk profile across operational fleets, BoltWatch allows customers to quickly monitor wind turbine assets though the cloud.

Total Asset Health

Our dedicated team supports customers providing total through life integrity management of structural wind turbine joints. From specifying design and best practice installation, through operational inspection strategies and health monitoring, to management of life extension. Our Total Asset Health offering is the comprehensive solution for joint integrity.