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Supporting the global energy transition

We deliver specialist operations & maintenance services for the wind industry.

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Our Expertise

Echobolt is the leading provider of fastener inspection services in the wind energy sector. Our aim is to improve maintenance efficiency and reduce operational costs by transitioning to an effective condition based approach for bolted joints.


We have developed a proprietary inspection technology, providing a reliable method for the inspection of pre-load in installed threaded fasteners.

Working with major players across the renewables industry we have been able to drastically improve maintenance practices; removing costly routine re-torquing tasks, validating asset integrity and providing installation quality assurance.

​Our highly capable engineering and inspection team has leading expertise in structural assessment, monitoring and measurement. Pushing the boundaries of inspection technologies we are uniquely placed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our experienced team of technicians provide an unparalleled professional service for both offshore and onshore wind farm assets. From installation supervision and QA, routine operational monitoring, through to end of warranty inspection and claim validation. Our team consistently adds value, increases asset assurance and drives down costs.


Experienced Leadership