Redefining Bolt Integrity Management

EchoBolt’s inspection method utilises highly accurate ultrasonic measurements to establish preload within operational fasteners.


Providing a low cost, repeatable measurement method that can be implemented retrospectively to operational assets.

EchoBolt inspection technology has been independently validated to enable calculation of bolt preload with a total uncertainly below +/-5%. Significantly outperforming the variability introduced via torquing or tensioning processes.

Requiring less than 10 seconds per bolt to carry out each measurement allows a single technician to inspect thousands of bolt per day. With no permanent hardware installed and no requirement to loosen or retighten fasteners, EchoBolt inspection provide an extremely cost effective method to generate high quality condition assessment of bolted connections.

How it works

A transducer placed on the bolt head at the time of inspection is used to establish the time for an acoustic signal to pass through the fastener. 

This signal is then automatically compared to a previous reference measurement of the bolt or to a concurrent measurement of the bolt in operation.


Though an extensive programme of technology validation and audit the EchoBolt bolt preload measurement method has been certified for wind turbine components by TÜV Rheinland.


EchoBolt’s rigorous inspection procedures are independently reviewed and approved by PCN Level 3 practitioners in accordance with standards established by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT)