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Taming the Scottish monster. Testing at Levenmouth.

As part of the demonstration phase of the EchoBolt Innovation project the team went visited the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult's Levenmouth demonstrator turbine to validate the EchoBolt technology in operational trials.

The Levenmouth turbine is one of the largest wind turbines in the world, standing 195m to blade tip with a rotor diameter of 171m and with a 7MW capacity this is true test of any technology.

In two days of testing the team were able to repeatedly test a number of bolted connections with the EchoBolt method, ensuring the integrity of the connections without any need to retighten the 20kg tower bolts.

With well over 1000 bolts in a typical wind turbine inspection time is critical, the team were able to demonstrate inspections could be completed comfortably in under 30 seconds a bolt for the initial inspection with subsequent inspections under 10 seconds per bolt.

Next up for the team are inspections on the GE Haliade X 12MW platform, followed by a repeat visit to Levenmouth later in the year to demonstrate repeatability of the process.

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