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Spanning 20 years of turbine technology in a week

From supporting life extension of a 20 year old turbine, to demonstrating cutting edge fastener integrity management technology on the Haliade-X nacelle. EchoBolt engineers were recently in the privileged position to witness 20 years of technology evolution over the course of a working week.

From delivering a life extension campaign on some of the UK's oldest wind turbines to working at the test nacelle in Blyth, where ORE Catapult operates a multimegawatt powertrain test facility in combination with an 18MVA grid emulation system. It is clear 20 years has represented a sea change for the wind industry.

Is there an equivalent mechanical device that has grown in capability so much in recent years?

Despite the incredible difference in scale it is remarkable how much the cutting edge turbine of 2020 owes to its 20 year old predecessor. As well as the clear similarities: an upwind, three blade, horizontal axis machine; there are more subtle common design decisions including a direct drive low speed generator and electronic pitch systems, both of which have fallen in and out of favour in the intervening 20 years.

In partnership with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult we are extremely excited to be working with GE Renewable Energy in the development of new technologies to continue to push the boundaries of possibility in the wind industry.

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